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August 1, 2013
Akke Awards the "All-In" Poker Table to World Poker Tour Season XI Player of the Year, Matt Salsberg

Last week, in sunny L.A., Akke Functional Art / Akke Poker Tables awarded the much-anticipated "All-In" poker table to the WPT Season XI PoY, Matt Salsberg. The table was installed in Salsberg's home by Akke representatives Axel Yberg and Matt Gai. A WPT camera crew was on-site to film the installation and get interviews with Salsberg and Akke.

Salsberg wasted no time breaking in the table as he hosted a home game on it that night with 10 friends. Although everyone enjoyed the table, not many players left with more money than they arrived with. Salsberg, however, ended the night with the majority of chips. Whether he really knows what he's doing (he does) or the table is his good luck charm, Salsberg is extremely happy with his award.

Said Salsberg of his new table, "I'm thinking I may want to be buried in it one day."

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click to watch a 3-minute video that documents the creation of this unique table

May 26, 2013
Matt Salsberg Captures the WPT Season XI Player of the Year Title and Custom Poker Table Valued at $75k

Matt Salsberg, writer/producer on the hit shows Weeds and Entourage, has been referred to as an amateur poker player. To call him that would no longer be accurate. On May 25th, after Chino Rheem knocked out Jonathan Roy, the last remaining contender for the Player of the Year, in the World Poker Tour (WPT) World Championship, Salsberg clinched the title.

To win Player of the Year, one must accumulate the most points while playing in the 24 eligible WPT tournaments that happen throughout the year. You get 50 points for min-cashing in each tournament and as much as 1,400 points for winning one. Salsberg finished with 2,575 points and won $777,394 along the way. He also has bragging rights to the most cashes with 6 and the most final tables with 3. A most impressive run, to say the least.

This year, in addition to the POY trophy, Salsberg will also be awarded the world's most expensive poker table valued at $75,000, created by Axel Yberg of Akke Functional Art. It was constructed using 15 species of exotic wood and required over 600 man-hours to create. The under-lit glass diamond cutouts in the middle of the table are a nod to the legend Doyle Brunson and the mid-season Doyle Brunson Five Diamond World Poker Classic. The two steel horseshoes that surround the WPT logos on the table surface symbolize what it takes to be a successful poker player: plenty of skill, a good amount of luck and of course, nerves of steel.

According to their website,, this is the most beautiful, inspired, unique and impressive custom poker table in the Multiverse. A fitting and well-deserved prize for Matt Salsberg, professional poker player.

click to watch a 3-minute video that documents the creation of this unique table

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